Privacy Policy

Noga Privacy Policy

Noga Technologies, LLC Privacy Policy protects and secures your data and personal information. Almost all data uploaded on our website / application shall automatically be stored in our database which is protected by a password. We undertake the responsibility of providing you secure access to our website / application as well as maintaining confidentiality of your personal data. The following details shall include and be part of the Privacy Policy for use of our website / application.

Personal Information

We use your personal information also known as personally identifiable information (defined as per HAW. REV. STAT. § 487N) such as name, email id, age, location data, credit / debit card details, etc. for the purpose of mediating the ride rental service between a Driver and Rider. The accuracy of your personal information is your responsibility. We respect your privacy and recognize the need for appropriate protection and management of your personal information

Use of your Personal Information

We use your personal information for the following purposes:
a.    for creation of an account on our website / application;
b.   for improving our website / application by receiving feedback from you regularly;
c.    for improving our services to you;
d.    for connecting Riders to Drivers;
e.    for selecting Drivers;
f.    for assisting Drivers and Riders during times of mishaps, accidents, etc.
g.    for keeping you informed of any new services on our website or any updating of our existing services;
h.    for direct marketing through emails .
By using our website you consent to or indicate no objection to our direct marketing activities through emails. However, at the end of every email we will provide you with unsubscribe instructions. In the event you wish to unsubscribe from receiving future periodic emails from us, you may opt to unsubscribe by following the instructions. We will stop sending you promotional / marketing emails once you unsubscribe. In case of any questions regarding our direct marketing activities, you may email us at Additionally, you have a right to request information regarding the disclosure of your personal information. You may write to us at

Protection of Your Data and Storage of Data

a.   All data uploaded by you will automatically be saved in our database except for the payment information provided by you such as credit / debit card information which shall be transmitted through Stripe technology and encrypted into the database of payment gateway provider. The payment information shall not be saved in our database after the completion of the transaction.
b.  Our database shall be secure and protected by a password. Unauthorised individuals / entities / agencies will not have access to the database and to the data stored. However, we have a right to remove any content uploaded by you as provided for in the Terms of Use.
c.   You shall not provide unauthorized access to any individual, entity, or agency to any of the contents uploaded. If you provide unauthorized access to any such contents, it shall be considered as violation of the Terms of Use of and may result in the termination of your account. We may take disciplinary action against you including termination of your account for providing such unauthorised access.
d.   In addition to storage of your personal information and uploaded content, we store the time you visit our website / application, IP address and the time and date of every page accessed for security reasons.

Use of cookies

When you visit our website / application, certain information in the form of cookies is stored on your computer. We use temporary cookies which are automatically deleted when you leave the website / application. You always have the option of modifying the settings on your computer / mobile phone and blocking cookies if you wish. According to the configuration settings of your personal computer or mobile phone device, your system then decides whether cookies will be stored on your computer / mobile phone device or not. You can, of course, see all the content on our website / application without using cookies.


Phishing is an attempt to trick you into giving up your Noga account information (email, phone number and/or password). Some phishing attempts include an unsolicited call asking for account information or through a text containing a link or attachment that goes to fake login page. Before entering your email address or Noga password on any website, make sure the URL in your browser’s address bar shows

Your Rights

You have a right to ask us in writing about your personal information held or stored by us. You may ask us to rectify any information of yours stored with us, with supporting evidence. After termination of your account, you may ask for erasing your information permanently. We would not erase your information until your account is active with us. We would not process your information against your wishes. If you do not want your information to be processed for direct marketing or any other purpose, you may inform us about it. We will reply to your request as above within 3 working days.

Disclosures for Legal Obligations

We shall not disclose any personal information, uploaded content or any information obtained from you except for when it is a legal obligation on our part to disclose such information or uploaded content to any public authority or a court of law on receipt of a notice from a public authority or a court of law requiring such disclosure by us in respect of any matter in which you are a party or are involved directly or indirectly in the said matter. In such instances we shall inform you of such receipt of notice and the legal obligation to make the disclosure.


We shall abide by Hawaii Statutes regarding confidentiality of your personal information (including subsequent amendments, if any) in order to protect and keep your personal data confidential.
Our Privacy Policy may change or may be updated from time to time. A copy of the recent updated Privacy Policy shall be always available on our website / application. You must review this Privacy Policy from time to time by clicking on the link on the Home Page of our website / application.